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Over the Hill Hikers - Shirley Elder LyonsOver the Hill Hikers
And how they grew... and grew... and grew

by Shirley Elder Lyons

Veteran political reporter, Shirley Elder Lyons, working with Elizabeth MacGregor Bates, has produced Over the Hill Hikers, a book that chronicles the ups and downs (literally) of a group of retirees in Sandwich, New Hampshire. They became a very cohesive bunch of happy hikers under Lib's instinctive use of casual leadership. Lib was determined to make the hiking experience fun as well as satisfying. It worked. The hikers just hiked, every Tuesday, and built a unique community along the way.

Lyons is the writer, Bates the doer. Lib, as she is known far and wide, has hiked all around New Hampshire's mountains for 80 years or so. Shirley Elder Lyons has covered Congress for the Washington Star and New Hampshire politics for the Boston Globe. She also has co-written two books, a profile of House Speaker Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill and a case study on Capitol Hill lobbying, and edited a book on Sandwich (N.H.) history. And now: the Over the Hill Hikers, a truly amazing group.

From the Author

"The idea for this book came from a sleepless night. I got up in the morning with an idea. I phoned Lib Bates in Sandwich, NH, and said: "I think we should write a book about the Over the Hill Hikers." She said something like "good idea"--I don't remember exactly what she said. But I knew, from living in Sandwich nearly 25 years, she had kept all kinds of records, photos and notes about the hiking group. And I knew about her role in getting the hikers started and keeping them going."

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Ordering Information

ISBN: 978-0-9828236-4-4, hardcover, 5x7.25, 128 pages, B&W photographs, $20.00 / Hiking/Nonfiction / Publication Date: May 2011.

Available from Enfield Distribution.

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